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Bridging Communities

Our ARTS Community Members

We love creating ARTS for you!!

Anozaire Briddge Orius

Craft and Fine Artist

We all have a way of expressing  our thought, ideas or feelings. As a child, art was the only way that I could express my deepest feelings. I was born with the ability to draw and create. Art is a natural skill to me. Art has allowed me to be this ultimate architect to my own imaginary world where i can express myself fully and freely. Art has been my primary soulmate. 

Each piece I create is an expression from within or my appreciation for someone or something. I am a craft and fine artist. I tend to use a variety of techniques and objects in creating my works. Each of my pieces is  door that leads to my world. They carry with them no specific interpretation other than the one attributed to them at the present observation. I am delighted in the confusion or or the additional explanation to my personal perspective with my prospective critic; You! 

Welcome to my world where I'm the master and slave to my passion!

Baker Joseph

Illustrator & Painter

My artwork is an extension of how I view the world: Both primitive and futuristic. A broad range of my work portrays bionic features merged with humans, animals, or the environment. This juxtaposition of the organic and the mechanical represents the divine way in which objects and beings function.

My cultural drawings portray ethics, politics, historical figures, and native people with bionic limbs representing strength and fortitude.

My primitive drawings are inspired by my Caribbean upbringing in the country of Haiti. For the first fifteen years of my life, I watched mothers and grandmothers sew and hand-wash clothes, children play with marbles, men hack at coconuts, butcher goats and milk cows, and young women fetch water from wells. This traditional way of life has informed my art and my work ethic.

As an artist I will like to give back to the youth by teaching them the basics of drawing and painting. I will show them how to express themselves with images that come from their bright minds.

Should-Leen O. Simeon

Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader

Should-Leen O. Simeon, known professionally by her mononym Should-leen, is a Haitian Gospel Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader. Should-leen fell in love with writing and performing her music at an early age. She has sung in collaborations with many Choirs and Praise Teams both in Haiti and the United States. Singing is her second most dominant passion beside caring for her family. She released her EP album in 2013 which included 3 tracks: ‘Mwen kouvri anba san Senyè a’ (I am covered under the blood of the Lord), ‘M’ap leve non w’ (Lifting up Your name) with its instrumental. Both songs were written by her.

Should-leen is also a member of the Trio Group, SAS (Should-leen, Angelique and Sophie) which is based in South Florida. Her lyrics speak love and carry uplifting messages to others. Her goal is to remain connected with The Lord at all times through her songs as she serves her audience and glorifies Her Savior, Jesus Christ.

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